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Phillip Taaibosch

2014 - 2022

Mr Taaibosch is currently the president of SANTACO. He is currently serving his second term as president after being reelected unopposed as president at the last National Conference of SANTACO in 2018.


He is a founding member of SANTACO, having played on instrumental role towards its formation in 2001, where he was elected as its first Secretary General.  He served in the position of Secretary General for three consecutive terms until he was elected President first time in 2014.


His life in the Taxi Industry spans over 34 years during which time, he assumes various leadership positions in his home Province where he was Chairman for two consecutive terms and at National in SATACO.  The organization preceding SANTACO since assuming leadership roles in SANTACO.


Mr Taaibosch passion which he has pursued until to this day has been economic emancipation of the Taxi Industry from bondage of a discriminatory transport sector past.  He is an estate leader whose role in the Taxi Industry has yielded profitable projects and significant achievements. Apart from his life. Mr Taaibosch also holds directorship positions.

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